Nature park
Nature park territory is unique with its silhouette – relief rise with forests, which may be seen already from the main roads coming near to Talsi. Exactly the hilly relief with its specifics determines the variety of the landscapes, besides it is expressed in the best way in open rural cultural landscapes. It is one of the most diverse areas considering weather conditions in the region North Kurzeme with its outspoken hilly relief, several small, but deep lakes. 52% of the territory is covered by forests (coniferous wood forests and mixed wood forests).
Talsi – the small town of the region North Kurzeme – is known for travelers as a town of nine hills. However, only some people know that outskirts of this town are as nice and romantic, being included in North Kursa Highland – Vanema Hillock. Windy roads take us over mountains and valleys; hillocks are surrounded by large oaks and beautiful crab trees. Mirrors of lakes with swampy margin areas look in the sky embosomed with green spruces. Tenths of hills are covered with meadows and groves. Embosomed by old forest plantations, several hundred years old plantations of beeches, larches, Douglas firs and red oaks are flaunting. Talsi Hillock invites the traveler to dwell for a moment in the world of green nature, to dream at the banks of the lakes Sirdsezers (the Heart Lake) and Sapņezers (the Dream Lake) embosomed by water lilies. One is invited to enjoy peace and calm around Jāņkalni farm, to listen to myths and stories about old times.
Protection category: Nature Park, Natura 2000 place – a protected area in the territory of the European Union.

Area: 3671 ha, included in territories of three rural areas of Talsi county – Laidze, Lauciene and Lībagi rural areas.

Foundation year: 1987, but it has been as protected landscape area since 1977. 29279461

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